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MONTHLY REPORT | 31 December 2021


Global equities rebounded in December (+1.4%) with Utilities, Consumer Staples, Health Care and Materials outperforming, whilst Consumer Discretionary, Communication Services and Information Technology underperformed. US equities were up (+1.3%) with Omicron restriction fears easing, strong macro data and high inflation data, whilst the Fed continued it’s more hawkish messaging. European equities outperformed (+4.0%) also with Omicron restriction fears easing and high inflation data, the ECB announced policy tightening with reduced QE and balance sheet reduction while remaining accommodative.

Asian equities underperformed (-1.0%) led by weak Chinese equities (-4.0%) with ongoing headlines concerning ADR listings and regulation, while the People’s Bank of China commenced policy easing. Japan underperformed (-0.6%) with higher inflation and unemployment rising slightly.

Elsewhere, Brent Crude (+12.9% in USD) rebounded, while Gold (+3.1%) rose as a safe haven and the US Dollar (DXY -0.3%) was stable.

Key contributors included:

  • Hardware cluster, notably SK Hynix and Mediatek. SK Hynix pushed higher after announcing the company received merger clearances from the Chinese antitrust authority for the acquisition of Intel Corp’s NAND memory chip business, after early concerns permissions would not be granted. Upon completion of the deal, SK Hynix will take over Intel’s NAND SSD, NAND component and wafer businesses and its NAND memory manufacturing facility in Dalian situated in China’s Liaoning Province.
  • Mediatek continued to benefit from its Dimensity 9000 chip, which was officially released in mid-December with the announcement that smartphone manufacturers Oppo and Xiaomi will begin to equip their new generation handsets with the chip. In addition, Meditek also announced their new Wi-Fi and smart TV chipsets, which were positively received.
  • Larsen & Toubro within the Industrials cluster benefitted from the announcement of numerous contracts during the month, with the Indian construction company awarded tenders across its water treatment and construction arms.

Key detractors included:

  • Internet/Software – Asia/EM cluster including and Meituan. was negatively impacted as Tencent filed to reduce its stake in to approximately 2.3%, down from 17% and will no longer be the largest shareholder. Meituan detracted over the month after delivering softer than expected 4Q guidance citing broader impacts from the COVID-19 re-emergence in China, in addition to weaker investor sentiment towards Chinese internet companies.
  • Consumer Cyclical – Asia/EM cluster, notably and Country Garden Services Holdings. detracted after reporting Q3 revenue was down 9% from the previous quarter after the re-emergence of COVID-19 in China, despite also reporting international flight reservations increased 40% from the previous quarter. Country Garden Services slumped among fears of a liquidity crisis and debt defaults among Chinese property developers and subsequent slower growth for property management companies.

Net performance (%)

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns are quoted in AUD and net of applicable fees, costs and taxes. All p.a. returns are annualised.

Performance & risk summary 1

1 All metrics are based on gross of fee returns in AUD terms. The upside/downside capture ratio is the percentage of benchmark performance captured by the fund during months that the benchmark is up/down. Standard deviation is a measure of risk with a smaller figure indicating lower return volatility. The Sharpe ratio measures returns on a risk adjusted basis with a figure > 1 indicating a higher return than the benchmark for the respective levels of return volatility.

Performance contribution2 (%)

Asia 31 Dec 2021 27 Feb 2022 POSITION Long -2.7%
Asia 31 Dec 2021 27 Feb 2022 POSITION Short -0.2%
Asia 31 Dec 2021 27 Feb 2022 POSITION Currency -0.3%

2 Based on gross returns in AUD

Top & bottom sector contribution2,3 (%)

3 Antipodes classification

Fund Facts

wdt_ID Characteristics -

Antipodes Asia Fund

Asset allocation4

4 Call (put) options represented as the current option value (delta adjusted exposure)

Sector exposure4,5 (%)

5 Antipodes classification

Top 10 equity longs4 (%)

Name Country Weight
Taiwan Semiconductor Taiwan 9.3
Tencent China/HK 9.2
Meituan China/HK 7.5
ICICI Bank India 4.7
SK hynix Korea 4.7 China/HK 4.7
Wuliangye Yibin China/HK 4.3
KE Holdings China/HK 4.3
Samsung Electronics Korea 3.9
MediaTek Taiwan 3.5

Currency exposure4,6 (%)

6 Where possible, regions, countries and currencies classified on a look through basis

Regional exposure4,5,6 (%)

Market cap exposure4 (%)

Band Long Short Net
Mega (>$100b) 48.3 -1.5 46.8
Large (>$25b <$100b) 24.8 -1.3 23.5
Medium (>$5b <$25b) 17.5 0.0 17.5
Investment Manager

• Global pragmatic value manager, long only and long-short
• Structured to reinforce alignment between investors and the investment team
• We attempt to take advantage of the market’s tendency for irrational extrapolation, identify investments that offer a high margin of safety and build portfolios with a capital preservation focus

Fund features

  • Objective to achieve absolute returns in excess of the benchmark over the investment cycle (typically 3-5 years)
  • The fund may invest in companies that are listed:
    • On Asian share markets
    • On global share markets and which derive >65% of their
      revenues from Asia
    • In Japan (maximum 30% net exposure)
    • In Oceania and non-Asian emerging markets (maximum 15% net exposure)
  • In the absence of finding securities that meet minimum risk-return criteria, cash may be held
  • Flexibility to hedge for risk management purposes:
    • Equity shorts and currency positions used to take advantage of attractive risk-return opportunities, offset specific long portfolio risks and provide some protection from negative tail risk. Derivatives may also be used to amplify high conviction ideas
    • Typical net equity exposure of 50% to 100%; maximum gross exposure of 150% of NAV
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